image 5 ways your business can benefit from a blast freezer

Summer has arrived and with the weather heating up now would be the ideal time to invest in a blast freezer for your kitchen.

Here are 5 ways in which your business can benefit from a blast freezer:

Maintaining food quality with a blast freezer

Once the foods are cooked they quickly lose many of their appealing characteristics due to natural bacterial growth during the cooling process. To maintain food quality it is important to reduce any form of food deterioration by taking control of humidity, time and temperature.  By using the correct method, taste and appearance are maintained while vitamins and natural goodness are preserved along with food flavour, texture, colour, aroma and nutrients.

Increase menu choice and service

By investing in a blast freezer your catering outlet can stock a variety of different foods and they can easily be offered by preparing food ahead of busy periods .

Service will improve as the team will have more time to focus on providing a full menu along with carefully presented dishes both day and night.

Purchasing a blast freezer will help to Improve shelf life

Limiting the period of time from when food temperature naturally accelerates the rate at which harmful bacteria grows, chefs and producers are able to extend the shelf life of food products.  This helps to improve sales and availability, and more importantly reduces food waste.  Fresh Fruit and Vegetables, can be bought when in season, at the best price. Fruit and veg can be frozen all year round.

Time and Cost Saving

Time and cost saving is important  in the catering world so having a blast freezer in smaller kitchens can be a great benefit as it helps tp save time and staff costs, and allows a larger menu to be offered. In fast food restaurants and commercial catering establishments, food can be prepared to offer service during the night.

Achieving Food Safety Standards

Food businesses need to ensure that the requirements of food hygiene law are achieved while maintaining a ‘reasonable temperature’ in the workroom.

For work in blast freezers operating down to -30oC no personal protective equipment (PPE) will be sufficient and breaks at ambient temperature or in warming rooms will be needed. A blast freezer will help you keep your foods stored at the correct temperatures at all times.


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