image Blast freezers – food or pharmaceuticals?

Blast freezers can be beneficial for businesses in both the food and medical industry. With a wide variety of sizes and different capacities available, this type of cold storage can actually be beneficial for a surprisingly high number of businesses.

Portable freezing gives companies with extra space on-site the opportunity to bring large quantities of fast freezing in-house, ridding them of the costs and hassle of an off-site warehouse.

With very little space needed and the added bonus of no planning permission, a portable blast freezer can be a viable option for both SME’s and much larger companies too.

Food Industry Cold Stores

Businesses dealing with foodstuffs can benefit from blast freezers in a number of different ways depending on their specific needs.

One of the biggest advantages is the ability to freeze products long term, without the worry of freezer burn or significant product damage.

Other benefits include a smaller loss of water content for meat, fish and poultry and better nutritional content for vegetables and ready meals. Whether you are a long distance distributor or sell your goods directly onto paying customers, the advantages that a blast freezer can offer over conventional chilling and freezing methods is clear.

Pharmaceutical Cold Stores

View of shelves stacked with medicineMedical organisations can also benefit from quality, high speed freezing with pharmagrade blast freezers.

The specialised storage units are often an effective, money saving alternative to the traditional methods of chilling and give you better temperature control of eutectic materials and active chemical substances.

Accelerate the freezing times of ice packs and gels packs to increase productivity, and save money with the option of freezing tonnes of pharmaceutical goods in a matter of hours.

Benefits of Leasing Cold Stores

Both short and long terms leases are available for most blast freezers, meaning that not only do they give organisations the flexibility to work in-house and on-site but also the flexibility to choose how long for.

Businesses are ever changing and expanding, so it makes sense not to be tied down to equipment that you may no longer need in the years to come.

The benefits of a quick freeze are widely known and a premium quality freezing units allows the user to monitor and control the temperature of both pharmaceutical goods and foodstuffs with ease.

Premium blast freezers also offer businesses a range of supportive extras that give you better control of your stock over long periods of time.


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