image Expanding your cold stores – The Options

With a rising demand from the food industry making cold storage facilities such a hot area of growth over the past year, it makes sense to know what types of refrigerated storage are available to your business.  Cold store warehouse space has risen around 8% worldwide over the last year, meaning that it is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. All of this growth is not only beneficial to big distributors but to smaller players in the food industry as well, such as caterers and local restaurants.

cold stores
cold stores

Finding the right type of cold storage for your business will undoubtedly be beneficial to your supply chain, as well as improving relations with customers. There are a number of options available if you are looking to invest in or expand your cold storage, with all types holding unique storage benefits for different industries.

The three mains solutions for your cold storage needs include:

  • Mini cold stores
  • Regular refrigerated containers
  • Extra wide cold storage units

Miniature cold stores offer the greatest flexibility for smaller companies that need a highly effective but portable solution. Presenting both frozen and chilled applications, these units give businesses all the benefits of a regular cold store in an easy to handle size. Mobile caterers and restaurants are most likely to benefit from a miniature unit but the benefits are clear for all businesses and industries.

Standard cold storage units are an excellent solution for businesses who wish to store larger amounts of stock outside, in order to free up space elsewhere. These types of cold stores are large enough to house all of your goods, whilst still being small enough not to require planning permission. This benefit allows businesses to access a unit quickly and easily, ensuring a productive supply chain.

Bigger businesses may take more of an interest in extra-wide cold storage solutions, if they are finding their current cold store units a little too small. Extra wide refrigerated containers offer better pallet capacity, wider units and can improve stock efficiency dramatically if used correctly. With no planning permission required, mega cold stores are the right choice if your units need an upgrade.

With most companies offering unique and bespoke adaptations, you can achieve even greater flexibility with your refrigerated unit and find a solution that fits the needs of your company perfectly. With the flexibility and choice in the cold store market being so prominent, it’s easy to see why so many businesses and distributors in the food industry have the confidence to expand so quickly.


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