image How Portable blast freezer units can help keep food fresh during Calais crisis

Millions of pounds worth of food is being wasted due to the migrant crisis in Calais; however this doesn’t have to be the case if your company invests in a portable blast freezer.

Migrants in Calais are making bids to reach the UK on a daily basis leading to delays on cross-Channel services.

Delays across the M20 towards and in and out of France has seen this area of UK exports make crucial expensive losses week after week as the crisis continues. Scotland’s seafood exports have also been hit by this and have been raising their concerns about the large amounts wasted food and cancelled orders as a result of the disruptions.

Fishing accounts for almost two thirds of all Scotland food export products, compared with just 12% for the UK as a whole. Scottish seafood producers are being disproportionately affected by the ongoing Channel Tunnel disruption.

Portable blast freezer units provide an ideal storage solution for perishable goods o they can be transported over long distances and for long periods of time, whilst sitting in long traffic queues helping them to remain at required temperatures considered safe by UK food safety laws.

Blast Freezer Options

Rental opportunities can also help your business to save money as the short term costs of hiring a blast freezer will be less than losing money from the goods that have perished due to being stored at the incorrect temperatures for too long.

Huge loses are causing problems not only for distributors but also for the shoppers. Businesses can help save their goods by hiring or purchasing a portable blast freezer unit which will save them money in the long run.

Blast freezing helps perishable items stay fresher for longer, which means that there is less wastage from beginning to end.

Lots of businesses are experiencing enormous losses week after week with things getting so bad that they may not be able to continue selling goods at their current level.Many supermarkets are turning down food and there are fears that shortages of fresh fruit and vegetables may become a problem in stores following weeks of chaotic scenes at the French port town.

A leading supermarket chain admitted that it had been struggling to get supplies through Calais during the turmoil with a shopper saying that he was stunned to discover a sign at his local supermarket saying it had run out of fresh cucumbers due to the Calais strike.

There is no way of telling how long the Calais crisis will go on for but for some, portable blast freezer units provide an excellent solution for many companies.


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