image Global development of cold stores in the food and hospitality industry

Commercial refrigeration units are more commonly used in the food and hospitality sector, so it’s no surprise that there has been a continued increase in demand from this area.

Continued Growth

An upsurge of restaurants and hotels not only in Europe but further afield is fueling developments in this area and shows no signs of slowing down in the near future. Further expansion is expected over the next five to seven years.

Despite this continuing growth, the commercial refrigeration market is assumed to be volatile due the ever changing and fluctuating trends within industries such as food and hospitality.

However, the increasing demand from the hospitality sector, as well as many other areas such as supermarkets and medical, paired with the availability of a wide variety of commercial equipment has ensured continued growth in several areas.

Which areas have been affected?

This growth has affected all areas of the commercial refrigeration industry including everything from ice cream machines and refrigerated vending to cold stores and blast freezers. With demand coming from all corners of the world, it’s easy to understand why both the commercial refrigeration industry and the food and hospitality sector have benefited equally from each other’s expansion.

Continued technological advancements in the area have also gone some way to coaxing businesses into using cold stores and other commercial refrigeration units. However, it has been found that for some the initial high investment is too much and is therefore acting as a restrain in the commercial refrigeration market.

Where is the Major Growth?

Whilst North America has led the way due to their early adoption of modern technology, other areas such as Central Europe and Asia-pacific have also begun to accept and adopt the use of high end technologies to offer more advanced cold store units to the hospitality sector.

This rapid advancement in technology could also be used to solve the cost issues, by creating cheaper and more cost effective refrigeration units for businesses and industries that struggle to take on the initial investments.

Key players in the commercial refrigeration industry include companies such as: Hoshizaki Electric Co., Ltd, Meiko, Manitowoc Company Inc,. Dover Corporation and Cambro Manufacturing Company Inc. These are just a few of the big names making waves in this sector, although there are many more contributing to the growth of this exciting global industry.

As long as sectors such as food and hospitality and healthcare continue to expand in this way, the need and desire for cold storage and other commercial refrigeration units will also continue to multiply, ensuring the continuing success of this market for many years to come.

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