CRS donate cold store to leading homeless charity in Dublin

Leading cold storage supplier CRS have given the gift of fresh food by donating a cold store to the Dublin Simon Community.

The Dublin Simon community is a leading charity in Ireland that actively aims to prevent and address homelessness in Dublin and the surrounding areas. Providing permanent supported housing for local people, the charity aims to squash the dependency on short term accommodation providing a better living arrangement for anyone who needs them.

The Charity, whilst approached by many local businesses offering free fresh food, has struggled to accept and keep much of what it is given due to a lack of refrigeration and freezing units. Many generous donations were being turned away and those who rely on the Dublin Simon community were not benefiting from the fresh produce, simply because they had no way of keeping it safe and fresh.

Once CRS heard about the problems faced by this extraordinary charity, they knew something had to be done. Specialising in refrigeration and blast freezing units, the CRS team got to work right away, finding the right cold store container to help the Dublin Simon community.

The new 50ft refrigeration unit will provide the charity with enough cold storage space to keep food fresher for longer, helping them to better serve the 3000+ people they already help each year. Fresh food is essential for a person’s physical and mental well being and this is especially important during times of hardship, which is why access to fresh produce is so important for those using the charity’s services.

Commenting on the donation on behalf of the Dublin Simon Community, Justyna Drogomirecka said:

“We are extremely grateful to the CRS team for their generous support and for providing the 50 foot freezer unit. This unit will enable us to expand on our ‘Food For Simon’ programme, where companies donate food and other goods that we would usually have to purchase in order to maintain and run our services.

Because of CRS’s generosity, for the first time we will be able to accept both fresh and frozen produce in large quantities that can be distributed to our housing and treatment and recovery services.

Dublin Simon Community provide support to over 3,000 people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness each year and have services with fully operating kitchens. Thanks to the CRS team we are in position to greatly reduce the costs of food and storage and focus on providing vital housing and support services to help people move on from homelessness to safe and secure homes of their own.”

About the community

The Dublin Simon Community is an established charity based in Dublin, which exists to help those who are already homeless and those who are at risk of homelessness. The charity provides regular food and meals, basic amenities and emotional support to those who are affected by homelessness.

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