Why Blast Chillers are Essential for Your Business

Blast chillers are a welcome addition to many restaurant kitchens, catering companies and any other organisations that serve food in bulk. With their rapid cooling technology, they’re convenient, efficient and most importantly, safe.

The Problem with Basic Refrigeration

Standard refrigeration units use a liquid cooling system that reduces the temperature of the unit each time it’s opened. Opening the door releases the cold air inside, triggering the compressor that then begins to cool the new, warm air that has entered.

This happens each time the refrigerator door opens but can sometimes be a painfully slow process. Unfortunately, this often means that fridges in heavy-use are at risk from continuous temperature fluctuations and long term temperature drops.

Temperature issues are a serious problem when dealing with foodstuffs because harmful bacteria can develop very quickly once chilled produce has risen above 4 °C. Any fluctuations in temperature, no matter how small, could be putting your food at risk.

Once this occurs, you can no longer guarantee the safety and quality of your produce.

Blast Freezer

The Power of the Blast Chiller

To combat temperature fluctuations in heavy use units, blast chillers do things a bit differently.

Using a combination of multiple high-power compressors and large fans that rapidly circulate cool air inside, blast chilling units can replace lost cold air far more quickly than regular domestic refrigeration. This is incredibly useful for businesses that need to access their commercial refrigeration frequently throughout the day, without worrying about the risks of bacterial development.

It’s not all about the temperature though. Cooling or freezing food rapidly using the blast chilling method also helps to preserve the appearance, taste, texture and overall quality of the food you are serving. A higher quality of produce means more happy customers and that’s something every business can benefit from.

Blast Chilling for Health and Safety

One of the biggest benefits of using a blast chiller is its ability to cool cooked foods rapidly. If you’re serving food to a large number of people each day, then some pre-cooking is usually required. When storing cooked foods, it’s essential to cool them as quickly as possible after cooking to minimise the risk of bacteria growth.

This is echoed by the Government Food Standards Agency and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP), whose legislation states exactly this. For smaller quantities of food, most blast chillers can bring down the temperature of food from 70 °C to 3 °C in around 90 minutes. If you’re planning to store in bulk, most blast chillers can freeze between 2 – 20 tonnes in less than 36 hours.

Blast chilling offers a number of important benefits for businesses all across the country, no matter their size. Whether you’re a restaurant owner or a caterer, investing in a blast chiller is both a smart and safe choice. Discover what a unit could do for your business today.


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