Commercial Catering and the Benefits of Blast Freezing

Working in the commercial catering industry requires diligence. CRS understand how important it is to keep a good reputation as a catering specialist. It is vital to ensure your business is keeping food quality and hygiene to a high standard. In addition to having a variety of food storing options, there is much more that can be done to optimise the storage of produce.

This guide outlines some key benefits of blast freezing and how am investment in cold storage can provide many advantages for commercial caterers.

20ft Blast FreezerWhat are the main advantages of blast freezing?

Blast freezing is suitable for many industries. Its impressive advantages can dramatically increase your profitability by having a positive impact on the quality of your food.

Reducing Waste

Blast freezers can be great for reducing waste. Food spoilage is kept to a minimum due to the low temperature when freezing. In addition, goods are always kept at a safe temperature of -18°C due to reliable temperature control.


Large volumes food can be cooled and frozen with blast freezers quicker than conventional freezers. This is cost and time efficient. This process also prevents the quick spread of bacteria and thus keeps food fresher and safer for longer.

Smaller Ice Crystals

The formation of ice crystals is smaller with blast freezing, thus improving the quality of your products. This will not only improve how long products can be stored for but lower cost for your commercial catering industry.

This can be greatly important for your business and blast freezing will ensure freshness of produce and goods is maintained for longer. This will add to the success of your business and allow you to focus on improving other aspects at the same time.

Blast Freezer

What can I blast freeze?

Blast freezing is an ideal solution for preparing a huge proportion of goods. For the commercial catering industry, this can be the perfect tool for preparing for huge events such as Weddings and functions weeks in advance. There is a range of foods that can be stored safely ahead of time and a list is given below.


Fresh fruits and vegetables

Whole and pre-cut fruits such as berries and vegetables such as chopped carrots, parsnips and peas are all suitable for blast freezing if stored appropriately. They can be thawed to be eaten as is or added into soups, stews and other pre- cooked meals. A useful advantage when batch cooking.

Baked goods

Popular buffet foods such as breakfast pastries, pies, canopies and savoury baked snacks can also benefit from being frozen ahead. These popular options will maintain taste and quality if stored correctly in a blast freezer. This will ensure you are also able to pre-ahead for the early hour catering.

Raw and cooked meat, fish and poultry

Blast freezers can be used to store fresh produce such as Raw and cooked meat weeks in advance. This will be useful for freeing up space and a efficient way to preparing meats such as lamb Joints, seasoned beef and Pulled pork. A blast freezer can help extend the life of even poultry and fish and still maintain freshness and great taste.

Ready meals

If working in the public sector and with organisations such as hospitals and schools, you may require preparing ready meals ahead of time. Blast freezers act as an efficient, time effective tool to ensure large quantities of food can be stored safely and thawed to feed volumes of people in time. The use of blast freezers will ensure food’s nutritional value is not lost and taste is still maintained to a high standard.

The rest…

These options are just a segment of the most popular goods suitable for blast freezing. However, anything that can be stored in a domestic freezing unit is suitable for a blast freezer too. So no matter what food your company serves, you can benefit from the advantages blast freezing has to offer.

Blast Freezers

What type of blast freezer do I need?

A blast freezer opens many doors of choices but the type of blast freezer you invest in is dependant on three things:

  • The size of your business
  • The volume of food you produce
  • Your future expansion plans.

Regardless of the type of freezer you choose – Blast freezers are available in a range of grades. Whether you are looking for the very basic to the more sophisticated, the choice is up to you. Grade A blast freezers are excellent and best suited to commercial catering as they offer good protection, hygiene and temperature control for most food.

When choosing a blast freezer for your commercial catering company, considering any future expansion is also necessary. Whilst it’s easy to upgrade your storage, planning ahead of time could save you money and allow you to expand your range of produce more rapidly.

The options of pre-constructed blast freezers almost endless. There are Blast freezers available in 10fft, 20ft and 40ft sizes, although larger sizes and bespoke designs can be catered for if your business requires extra storage in the future.

Make it your own

All Grade A blast freezers operate at temperatures of – 40°C to +10°C and come with hygienic, easy to clean, non-slip floors as standard. For commercial catering companies requiring a blast freezer that can move with them, portable units are also available to choose from. Choosing a portable unit means transport of food is much is easier to assist with any business goals.

If required, optional extras and bespoke design additions can also be catered for if a more unusual set up needs to be considered at any point. For a custom designed unit, simply speak to a member of the CRS team to discuss your unique needs on 0800 085 2298.

Alternatively, complete our enquiry form and one of our cold storage expert will get in touch.





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